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This page is dedicated to informing users and site visitors of our privacy policy.

Maintaining your personal data:
– ELARABISTORE fully respects the privacy of every person who browses its website, and we would like here to inform all website visitors and customers that we maintain the privacy of their personal data and do not share it with any organization or third party.

  • We collect and store your data when you create a special account on our site. The site keeps your email as well as all the materials that you share with site visitors, including photos, comments, and ratings.

-The site also collects and stores your personal data in case you want to purchase a product from our site
This data includes, for example, but is not limited to (name – phone number – e-mail address – date of birth – delivery address – details about payment cards or the expense account).
However, this data remains confidential and we, or any institution or entity, does not have the right to use it and we keep it with the aim of helping you facilitate your purchase from our website and helping you learn about the services offered to us and that you request.

Other contacts:
– If you log in from the ELARABISTORE  website to your personal account on another network
Such as “Facebook – Telegram – WhatsApp”; The site will offer you the possibility of exchanging contact information with the ELARABISTORE  site, and upon your acceptance, you will receive notifications from our site so that you can easily reach your contacts on the ELARABISTORE  site.

Other uses of your personal information:
We use some data to track users’ whereabouts and the times of their visits to the site. We also use some information to manage the site, determine the hobbies of site visitors, and develop the pages in terms of content and design.

We at ELARABISTORE  can use your data in accordance with the law for the purpose of conducting statistics, opinion polls, and market research in order to evaluate the service provided to our customers, know the extent of the success of our advertisements, and evaluate quality.
And knowing the characteristics of our followers so that we can determine the appropriate content and information to send or display to you and make your experience easier on our website.
We pledge here to take care of your personal information and do not share it with any third party

-You can also withdraw at any time if you do not want to participate in the opinion polls, but we would like to inform you that these answers remain confidential and we keep them in a separate place from your email.

Messages for our website:
– Once you join the ELARABISTORE website and when you create a personal account on the website, your experience on the website will be easy for you and you will be informed of everything new about us; The website sends notifications on a regular basis that include all new offers and products, as well as recent articles and many of the services we provide. These notifications will be sent to your private e-mail
If you want to stop sending these notifications, you can cancel this option on your personal email. Knowing that the site will be able to send messages to your e-mail regarding your transactions on the site, such as purchases or interaction of site users with any content that you publish on your own account on the website ELARABISTORE.

Links to other sites:
– When you browse the ELARABISTORE website, you may find links to other websites; However, we would like to point out that we are responsible for the privacy policy of our site and are not responsible for any privacy practices on any other site. Therefore, you should be careful if you enter a link to another site to preserve your private data.